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Service Overview

When it comes to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, we’re experts. Whatever your needs are, we can take care of it. We service, repair, and install all types of HVAC systems. Using high-end technology, our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose your HVAC system’s problems. We even have portable AC units and chillers from 1 to 200 tons available for rental, just in case. Whether your needs are industrial, or commercial, we can handle it all.

Due to the technology that we use, we are able to minimize the amount of, valuable, on-site time determining your system’s needs. As a result, we can efficiently pinpoint problems. This technology allows us to begin actual service on your system, faster. In fact, due to the technology that we use, our technicians can cut inspection time by as much as 85%! Allowing us to analyze, service, and improve your HVAC system, in a much more timely manner.

At City Mechanical, we only use equipment that we believe is the best. That’s why if portable air conditioning is what you need, we turn to MovinCool to help provide a solution. Using MovinCool’s top-of-the-line portable air conditioners, we can direct cold air precisely where it’s needed most. Whether you need temperature control in areas your central AC doesn’t reach, or for when your primary system is down. MovinCool’s portable air conditioners are capable of a temperature drop of 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit in mere minutes! Not to mention, their portable units are simple to set up. Our technicians simply roll in the appropriately sized unit and plug it into any ordinary power outlet. Providing you with easy, affordable and flexible solutions to your heat-related problem.

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