Our Calling And Commitment

A greener, cleaner Bay Area community is not only about better heating, ventilation and air conditioning service. It’s about commitment, contribution and caring.  At City Mechanical we have a motto: If we have the ability to support or assist in any manner that fits our training and capabilities, we must answer the call. Giving is a privilege, it seeds our future. Join us and become a City Mechanical Green Ambassador.

Proudly Supporting These Community Organizations

  • Bay Area Rescue Mission
  • City Mechanical Baseball Team
  • Rocky Robinson Fund Raiser
  • Salem Lutheran Home
  • San Francisco General Hospital
  • Cathedral Hill Boys School
  • Mission Neighborhood Health Center
  • Boy Scout Troop 8, Petaluma
  • Boys & Girls Club Petaluma
  • Waugh School District
  • Larkin Street Youth Services


We Believe In Green

The way we see it, we’ve always been green. Caring for the environment was a personal conviction before it became a professional standard. Being green means seeking creative solutions to ageless problems and keeping up with changing technologies. Green also means supporting initiatives like the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system, and providing leadership when adopting higher health standards. At City Mechanical, we face each day with the same goal: clear the air of environmental concerns and climate control for both the outdoors and indoors.