When it comes to your boiler, hot water heating, and steam fitting needs, we’re specialists. We’re here to keep your boilers and water heaters up and running as efficiently as possible. Due to the fact that we are a State Licensed C-4 Boiler Contractor, we are more than capable of quickly fulfilling all of your boilers service needs. At City Mechanical, we are proud to offer services, repairs, and inspections. We know how crucial it is to ensure that your boiler is always running properly.

Not only is it important to keep your boiler running, but it’s also vital to guarantee it’s running up to standard. In San Francisco, there are strict regulations that are required to be followed when it comes to boilers. Here at City Mechanical, our technicians are expertly trained and can easily help you keep your boiler in safe operating condition. We are here to go above and beyond to meet your boiler, and water heating needs.