When our clients need new air treatment systems, we always recommend AirMaid by Interzon.  Interzon’s systems are the most innovative air treatment systems on the market. Using their Ozone technology, AirMaid can effectively reduce grease buildup in ventilation channels, odor, and chemical vapors all at low maintenance costs.  Not to mention that cleaning the air with AirMaid also improves fire safety, allows the possibility for a Heat Exchanger, and effectively eliminates all types of bacteria.  If you need to improve the air quality in your facility, or home, AirMaid is the perfect solution.

At City Mechanical, we want to ensure our customers are always getting the best products.  That’s why we are proudly associated with AirMaid by Interzon.  We believe that in order to get superior air quality, you first need to start with superior air systems.  All of our technicians are trained in working with, installing, and operating on Interzon’s products.  Ensuring you are getting the best air quality possible, as well as the best service.